How Leggings are Manufactured?

We love leggings, We adore leggings or We live in leggings but ever wondered how leggings are manufactured? In this blog, we are going to explain in detail the steps involved in the journey of the making of leggings:

Fabric: You need to ask – how you’re going to use legging and accordingly choose your fabric. Leggings are generally made up of knitted cotton or lycra (Spandex) fabric. You need to balance out the fabric softness, stretchability, breathing, and drying capabilities. You can also play with a different type of color or mesh.

Sample and Size: Once you complete fabric selection and fit, the next step is a sample piece to check the requirement. The sample will not only help you with checking the prototype but also with sales and marketing by meeting different vendors and showcasing the prototype legging. Thus, saving a lot of money.

Fit: The fit of the garment is a really important factor while manufacturing leggings. It should strike a perfect balance between tightness and utility. Check out the following: Is the inseam length too short or too long? Are pockets functional? Twist body to check stretchability? Printed design if any?

Production: This is the final step. Once you’re satisfied, choose the right factory to mass-produce your design and patterned leggings. You need to ensure quality checks and timely delivery to maintain the textile supply chain at your end.


Vikas Cotton Mills is in the textile business for the last two decades. The importer doesn’t need to worry about fitting issues or garment quality. We assist the buyer with fabric selection, fitting, and sampling part before starting the production. You can reach out to us to schedule a factory visit and will guide you through the process of manufacturing. For export/import of cotton leggings & lining material, reach out to us [email protected]