Evolution of Women’s Fashion and Leggings

Women’s fashion is an ever-evolving process and it has changed significantly in the last few centuries. The nineteenth century was an age of innovation and elegance in dresses. The fitted dress has narrow sleeves and streamlined cuffs. Women’s gowns developed many variations – low and pointed waist, knee-length bell-shaped skirts, and different types of layers. The twentieth century saw a drastic change in terms of women’s fashion. During this century, women liberate themselves from restrictive clothing and got more accustomed to pants and short skirts. This was further revolutionized by the introduction of Bikini and seeing this as the power of women rather than a fashion symbol.

In the latter half of the century, humans have further developed synthetic fiber and a lot of experiments by mixing natural fiber and man-made. This gave birth to Spandex or Lycra fabric which is a mixture of cotton and man-made fiber. This fabric retains all the qualities of cotton fiber but offers more stretchability. Wardrobes were filled with colorful spandex tops and new vibrant colors offer a lot of choices. Loose t-shirt and leggings were the latest fashion during this time. Many celebrities wore leggings – Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, and Jane Fonda to name a few.


Leggings have also seen many waves evolution. First as an alternative to Jeans / Pants to must-have bottom wear. It offers more comfort, stretch, and freedom of movement than traditional jeans. If you look back into time and ask these questions:
What did women wear to Gym or Running or Mountain climbing?
What to wear on a casual day or evening hangouts?
What to wear on a travel trip?

It’s hard to imagine that leggings were not mainstream fashion a couple of decades ago but it has become an integral part of women’s fashion now and it is here to stay.

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