Lining Fabrics

Lining fabrics also referred to as “Supportive Fabrics”, is a separate layer of fabric within a garment. The lining is generally is attached to the inside of the clothing usually at the waistband, neck, or around the hem of the garment. One of the main purposes of lining used by dressmakers or tailors is to reduce the time for the neat finishes. No one wants to wear a beautiful dress with exposed seams, looking like an unfinished tailor work. It also adds durability to the structure hence increasing the life of fashion garment. The lining also provides warmth to the garment. 

Customer needs to consider below points before buying lining:

  • Compatibility: Is lining compatible with garment fabrics in terms of care and fabric content? It should also match and coordinate with the fashion of garment. 
  • Structure: Has a smooth structure so that garment can be taken on and off with ease. 
  • Stretch: Permit necessary body movement according to the garment.
  • Shrink: Will there be shrinkage? If yes, pre-wash before cutting. 
  • Weight: Do you need lightweight, middleweight, or heavyweight lining. 
  • Time & Frequency: The user needs to also consider the time of year garment will be worn and how much the used garment will receive. 

There are various types of fabrics available in the market which can be used as lining. Some of these are referred to as lining fabrics, others as dress fabrics. Refer to below list for some of the lining fabrics:

  • Rayon – is soft fabrics. It is comfortable to wear. It can be machine washable or dry clean. Available in various qualities (100, 120, 140 Gram) and thread structure (56 x 60).
  • Polyester – is made from man-made fiber. It offers a great variety in terms of softness, comfort, color designs, etc. Polyester can be treated to meet the industry-specific requirement. 
  • Cotton Lining: It is soft and comfortable against the skin. It is easy to care and require pressing or ironing as cotton wrinkles. Available in various thread structure (67×60, 72×72, 2×1, 2×2) and various width (90 cms to 112 cms).  

Vikas Cotton Mills, a leading manufacturer & supplier of cotton lining fabrics, Blouse Pcs, Leggings, Dupatta, and Palazzo uses high-quality yarn and heavy GSM fabric to manufacture women garments. Cotton lining fabric is bleached and dyed. Available in a range of 500 colors. For export/import of garment & lining fabrics, reach out to us

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